If I send you a picture of what I want, can you make a decal for me?

Yes!  However we don’t just print what you send us, we have our graphic designer draw a vector graphic from scratch.  This allows us to print it at any size, and apply “cut lines” around the decal so that our printer can cut it to the shape of the decal.  In this way, we can guarantee the quality whether it is 3 inches or 3 feet. Here is the process:

  1. We receive your order on our special orders page. 
  2. Our graphic designer researches your decal, and uses special software to create a “vector” image.
  3. She will call or email you if she has any questions about the decal colors, picture etc.
  4. Once the decal is complete, she will put it on the website for you to order the quantity you desire, and notify you of the page it’s on.
  5. You purchase the decal size and quantity that you desire.

Note: The design fee only covers our artist’s research and design time to create a high quality vector image, it does not cover the purchase price of the decal(s) you may end up ordering. If you order more than $250 of the decal we design for you, we will refund the $65 design fee.

Due to high demand ,there is currently about a 3 week wait to get to your design once it is submitted to us on our special orders page.  The design fee of $65 is waived for .MIL and .GOV email addresses.

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