What is HIGH vs. WIDE?

To fit your desired area, you can specify the HEIGHT or the WIDTH for your decal. Whichever you decide, we will change the other dimension so that it is proportionally correct. We will never change the proportions so that it looks squeezed or stretched – you will get a good looking decal every time! After you select the HIGH or WIDE dimensions, the Approximate Dimensions will show above the ADD TO CART button, and in your SHOPPING CART, so you will be assured of exactly the dimensions you are getting.

NOTE: For any decal that is exactly SQUARE or ROUND, it doesn’t matter if you choose HIGH or WIDE, because in that case height and width would be the same. Wide will be pre-selected.

But, consider the example below:

If I order a 6″ wide American Flag, it will be printed at 3.66″ high. However if I order a 6″ high American flag, to keep the correct proportions, it will be 10.71″ wide, as the American Flag is much wider than it is tall.

Hope this helps, please contact us if you have any questions!

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