What is lamination? Can I get my decals laminated?

Laminated Army Emblem DecalLamination is the application of a clear, glossy film over the top of your decal that increases its durability. The lamination is also die-cut to the exact shape of the decal, as in the sample pictures showing. We recommend lamination for high touch surfaces — if you plan to put your decal on a cane, cell phone, computer, water bottle, etc., then we highly suggest lamination.

If you are clear-coating your project (cornhole boards, guitar faces, floor decals,etc. ) then lamination is not required.

NASA decal on coffee cupNearly all of our decals can be laminated that are under 14″ on their longest side. Some decals may not be laminatable if they have very complex edges that need to be cut out by our machinery. If you select a size less than or equal to 14″, the lamination option will appear for you. If the lamination option does not appear after you select the size of your decal, then lamination is not offered for that decal at this time.

Note: Lamination may take up to 1 -3 extra business days before your order ships – but it’s worth the wait!

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