F-14 Tomcat Assn Decal

F-14 Tomcat Assn Decal


This F-14 Tomcat Assn Decal is die cut - which means it is cut to the exact shape of the image, and made in the USA at our facilities in Chino Valley, Arizona. Each F-14 Tomcat Assn Decal is made with the highest quality 2.5mil High Gloss 5-Year Calendared vinyl. The vinyl used is UV and water resistant, and will last many years without fading, peeling or cracking. Detailed instructions are included with each order.

This decal is sandwiched between a waxy backing paper and a clear transfer tape, and is adhesive-backed, perfect for installation on the exterior of windows or other non-porous, smooth, hard surfaces.

Text showing: Always, Baby…!


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